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              Product Introduction

              The die-casting machine developed by Sanji is divided into three series, namely C-series which is standard one, P-series which is proportional control one and S-series which is servo real-time control die-casting machine.

              We can provide the market with die-casting machines of different models and specifications with a clamping force of 180-5000 tons. The main models are DC180, DC280, DC400, DC550, DC630, DC700, DC800, DC900, DC1000, DC1250, DC1600, DC1800, DC2000, DC2500, DC3500, DC4000, DC4500.

              Optional functions: servo energy-saving system, automatic pumping, local pressurization, quick discharge with brake, multi-group core pulling, injection curve display system, online mold clamping force monitoring system etc.

              Product Video